Handmade animal hat with the form of Cat, 100% sheep wool from Tibet and New Zealand and lining 100% polar fleece (polyester). All colors and materials are natural.

Product Features

• External Material: 100% wool
• Lining: 100% polar fleece (polyester)
• Child Size: hat circumference 52-55 cm
• Adult Size: hat circumference 58-61 cm

How many of you ever wondered how much cats can sleep per day? Actually cats spend 2/3 of every day sleeping. This means that a nine-year-old cat has been awake for only three years of his life :) There are more than 500 millions domestic cats in the world, but with PinkYak’s Cat Animal Hats there are a few more :) 

Cats have about 20.155 hairs per square centimeter which brings them close to our Animal Hats made from the best wool. Some cats have survived falls of over 20 meters; due to a balance system located in the inner ear, they know where they are in space and they can land on their feets. Our Animal Hat has great ears as well, but don’t try this jump with a hat on you head – it will not help :) 

So if you always wanted to have a cat, but you couldn’t – just buy our PinkYak ®   Cat Animal Hat and own one forever! We guarantee It will be as funny as a real pet :)

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