Handmade animal hat with the form of Kangaroo, 100% sheep wool from Tibet and New Zealand and lining 100% polar fleece (polyester). All colors and materials are natural.

Product Features

• External Material: 100% wool
• Lining: 100% polar fleece (polyester)
• Child Size: hat circumference 52-55 cm
• Adult Size: hat circumference 58-61 cm

If Kangaroos would live in Europe they could run over the speed limit –kangaroos can reach speeds of  70 km/h or 43 miles/h:) 

Actually you can call them ‘joeys’ – babies kangaroo, ‘buck’ – male kangaroo or ‘doe’ – female kangaroo. Kangaroos can’t walk backwards, but there are plenty of ways to wear our Kangaroo Animal Hat! If you are vegetarian, a great swimmer, have very good eyesight, hearing sense or smell, then you are more close to Kangaroos than you could imagine! :)

This Animal Hat is great for both children and adults – just feel a bit of Aussie in you with Pink Yak ® Kangaroo Animal Hat! :)

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